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When releasing a music album it is essential that the sound is unique and that it represents your band. To stand out, you need quality recording and good mixing and mastering.

Combining good music with the right production doesn’t only get you more fans – it’s how you get noticed by record labels and booking agencies, and ensures you are treated with the respect you deserve.

I have as much interest in the result as you do.

Here at JBO Sound, my aim is to create great productions and to provide you with the finish your music needs, whether it be the rough and raw sound that demolishes buildings or something more mellow.

When recording at JBO Sound studio, you’ll get more than just a CD with your music on it. You will receive feedback and guidance throughout the recording process. You will hopefully also learn more about your own playing as well as the interaction between the different instruments you use, and the impact they have on the sound.

I will help you throughout the whole process – whether you record here or at home – so that we get the best result from working together.

I have long-term experience in production, and am respected for my opinion as well as my patience. Have a look under discography for band references.

Don’t cut corners when it comes to your music. Bad production is a waste of good money and more importantly good music. Remember, you’re only as good as your last album!


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Send an email about your ideas for recording and mixing and i will send a offer, and we talk. 






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I have now worked with Jacob many times. Why? Because of the fact that he, besides making a great sound, also is easy to collaborate with. With a fair mix of patience and critical thinking he manages to get you to perform your best. And then he knows his stuff as a producer!
— Andreas Posselt
Jacob is very professional and dedicated. His approach to recording promotes a very encouraging and up-lifting atomsphere in the studio. Jacob has been impressively productive! He is fast and sharp behind the buttons. His approach to the whole process of recording is characterized by his general understanding of music. Jacob is not afraid of coming up with suggestions to improvements of the tracks. This constructive critique helps making the best of every track. We have been very pleased with the result of our recordings and we will definately recommend JBO-sound to every “serious” metal and rock bands
— Magtesløs
We worked with Jacob Olsen on our newest album ”The Sovereign” where he recorded the drums and vocals but was also responsible for the mix and the master. We are very pleased with both the process and the result!! Jacob surely knows what he is doing and when we are booking a studio for our next record, mr. Olsen is the first one to call \m/
— Ferocity


My background

MY NAME IS jacob Olsen

I set up JBO Sound in 2008 while working freelance for the producer Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios. When I’m not in the studio I am the live-sound technician for the Danish metal band Hatesphere, as well as numerous other bands and festivals.
My mission is to use my producing experience to help both new and established bands to find their voice within the music industry.

Years of experience recording, mixing and working with live sound have allowed me to develop the experience necessary to make a difference to your music.

It is important to me that you, as a client, understand the full process of having an album produced. I aim to make my products and prices transparent so you know exactly what you are paying for, with no nasty surprises.

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