JBO Sound Mixing

Mix and Mastering

No matter where you are in the world, you can count on me to mix and master your music.

I communicate with many of my clients over Skype, via emails and over the phone. Music recorded outside JBO Sound Studio can be sent to me over the Internet and we will continue to make adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the finished master.

NB: When recording at JBO Sound I offer a 50% discount for mix and master. Guideline prices:

Mixing and mastering:

Price per track: 2300 DKr. / 300 Euro incl. VAT.

Only mastering:

Price per track: 380 DKr. / 50 Euro incl. VAT.

Contact me today for a tailored quote.

At JBO Sound it’s also possible to pay in installments if that will help you stay within your budget. Contact me to find out the best options for payment.

JBO Sound Recording

Studio Recording

I always recommend clients to record in the studio as this allows me to assist in the entire recording process. I am consistently honest and fair in the feedback I give – feedback that will help your music reach its full potential.

The acoustics in the studio are perfectly pitched to suit your music – the drum recording room makes a killer sound that really captures the performance.

I have the listening skills to recognise individual sounds as well as those in combinations with other instruments. Years of experience have tuned my capacity to decide which sounds will make a difference to your genre of music.Want to book a studio session? If you don’t fancy recording during the day, the studio is open to you on evenings, weekends and holidays at no extra charge.

Recording Prices:

Prices pr. day (8 hours of recording): 2600 DDK / 350 Euro incl. VAT.

NB: When recording at JBO Sound I offer a 50% discount for mix and master.

JBO Sound live concert mixing

Live Sound

Performing live to your fans is what it’s all about, and I want you to know that I’ve got your back. I know that performing is your chance to really wow the audience and get yourself heard.

To throw a successful gig, the most important thing is to play and perform well. But you also need to sound great. Investing in a sound technician with a wealth of experience behind him can take you a long way.

Relying on a venue’s sound technician is often risky, and over the years professional bands have benefitted greatly from hiring their own sound technicians – people who really know what they’re doing and are fully committed to making sure the band they are working for rocks the stage every time.Having worked worldwide as a live sound technician for Hatesphere, I have produced live sound for festivals, both indoors and outdoors, big and small. I have the experience and skills to make a difference to your sound.

I also have the facilities to record your band live if you wish to make a live CD or DVD.


Prices pr. gig 2600 DDK / 350 Euro incl. VAT.